EDC Excel & VBA Tips

[EDC VBA File Access Tips]

Information, from Erland Data Consulting, on how to use Visual Basic for Applications to access files. Contains info on random file i/o, as well as sequential access (i.e. CSV files).

Aspin ASP Resource

[ASP Resource Index]

Aspin is a website that indexes several other sites on the net that deal with ASP programming, and allows convenient searches of their content.

Netscape's Javascript Docs

[Javascript Guide]

The official guide to Netscape's "Javascript" scripting language, aka LiveScript, aka Mocha.



HotScripts is an online archive of PHP, ASP, and Perl scripts and tips but also C++ and other code snippets, and is in general a very good resource for pre-fab code. Also has a large amount of general info.

ASP FAQs and More

[Four Guys From Rolla]

This website doesn't have an overwhelming amount of content, but what it does have is usually what you're looking for. Go figure.

MSDN - Microsoft Developer Network

[Microsoft Developer Network]

Just what it says. Microsoft's exhaustive programming resource.

MSDN - Windows Script

[Microsoft Windows Script Docs]

This is Microsoft's home page for Windows Script, a scripting language designed to automate tasks and generally provide a platform for rapid development using VBA and JScript.

Código Fonte VBA

[VBA From Beyond the Seas]

VBA Tips for file I/O from some random site in Portugal. All code is in English, and Portuguese isn't that tough really, if you speak spanish.