Brief History Of Computing Platforms

[User To Platform Relationship]

An essay describing the evolution of the computing model over the second half of the twentieth century, with speculations on how those changes affected computer-user interaction.

Criminal Sociology

[A Case Study of Criminal Motivation]

An analysis of the book All God's Children by Fox Butterfield. Uses two theories of criminology: one, as per Jack Katz, on the seductive quality of crime, and Edwin Sutherland's Differential Association.

Judaism In Late Antiquity

[Jewish Magic in the Roman Bathhouse]

A study of religious and historical texts demonstrating the existence of Jewish magical tradition specific to the Roman bathhouses during the period known as late antiquity (roughly 200-700 CE).

Sociology Of Gang Behavior

[Dead End Fremont]

This paper analyzes the gang-culture book Dead End Kids using Shaw and McKay's theory of Social Disorganization. The book, written by Mark Fleisher, has a good mix of observations and subjective experiences.

Global Change

[Global Warming and Disease]

This is the so-called poster project that was the final project for the U-M experimental class (or so it was at the time) Global Change. I put together the web layout and the GIS information.